Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Universal Declaration of the Vietnamese People

We, the Vietnamese People, have been living under harsh rules by the Vietnamese Communist Party (the VCP) and its brutal & inhumane police force since Ho Chi Minh brought communism into Vietnam in 1930.

Our lives are always under constant threats of getting killed, beaten, imprisoned, or harassed without legitimate reason by the VCP. Our homes, lands and properties are being taken away against our will, without our consent and without proper compensation.

There is no real law in Vietnam. The VCP is above the law. It interprets the law it created in any way it wants towards its own advantages, regardless of consequences. Thereby, justice has never existed in Vietnam under the VCP.

The current law, created in 1945 and has been through some modification by the VCP itself, is just a tool to deceive the world and innocent people into thinking that Vietnam has one like everybody else.

Many people have raised their voices and written letters to the VCP requesting that it stop brutal treatment to ordinary citizens of Vietnam. Unfortunately, the VCP consistantly refuses to listen. Therefore, today, we prepared this universal declaration to send to the high offices of the United Nations. To all citizens of the world we declare that:

1. We do NOT recognize the VCP and its governments as legal government simply because we -- the Vietnamese People -- have NEVER elected them.

2. We recognize and have documents to show that the VCP and its governments, during its existence in the past 80 years, are war criminals committing mass murders of millions of innocent Vietnamese people.

3. We seek, by all means, to prosecute the VCP and its governments before the United Nations' Courts of Justice and other International Courts of Justice as well.

4. We demand the VCP and its governments to immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and to stop all sorts of brutality to its ordinary citizens.

5. We wish to hold a general free election to elect new representatives to form a new national congress. The new national congress' task is to draft out a new constitution that will be ratified by all Vietnamese under a national referendum. To realize this wish, we -- the entire 90 million Vietnamese People -- sincerely would like to request the high office of the United Nations to grant us some aid by sending delegations and UN peace keepers to Vietnam to help set up and monitor the national free election.

Mar. 22, 2013
by hoangkybactien

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