Sunday, November 2, 2014

Emperor Putin's love affairs: Who Is Alina Kabayeva?

Who Is Alina Kabayeva?
Alina Kabayeva and Putin 

Alina Kabayeva was born May 12, 1983. She was a one time Olympic Gold medal in a Gymnastics. For the last 6 years she has been a member of Parliament representing Putin's United Russia Party. Alina was a finalist for lighting the Olympic flame in this years Olympics. She has also been Russian President Vladimir Putin's mistress and now his girlfriend. Since 2008 she has been Putin's love interest which eventually broke up Putin's 30 year marriage. There is a reputed love child between Putin and Alina.

When asked about the relationship back in 2008 Putin had a fit and denied everything. The Kremlin went as far as to dispel any rumors. Unfortunately it is all true. The newspaper who asked the questions about Alina closed down within two weeks.

What makes this even worse is that Alina has now taken the post as Chairman of a Pro Kremlin Media group. Even better is that she has no experience, but when her boss is Putin's close friend Yuri Kovalchuk the experience is not required. If your wondering why anyone would care about one of the most powerful leaders in the worlds girlfriend you might want to look at just how reckless this man is. Putin is 31 years her senior and one questions whether this man is responsible enough to lead the country of Russia.

It would be reasonable to accept Alina in her new job but for the fact that she has no experience. Actually if you think about it all she really has done on her own is be a gymnast. Not enough to make her qualified to be an Member Parliament. This is nepotism gone wild. Vladimir Putin cares about nothing except Vladimir Putin. This behavior is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. Unfortunately he is a savior to the Russian people and this means propaganda is good in Russia.

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