Sunday, June 21, 2015

British YPG Fighter Harry “Baran” (age 28)

British YPG Fighter Harry “Baran” (28)

Harry fought more than 5 months in the ranks of the Kurdish YPG Forces against ISIS. He gave up his job as a currency trader after being “shocked to the core” while watching the brutality of the ISIS Terrorists and thought the west wasn’t doing enough to counter it.

“I’ve fought for democracy, freedom and the Kurds. I wanted to shine a light and to show the Kurds aren’t alone.” Harry, who had no military experience, said he received arms training along with other western fighters, which included former Foreign Legion soldiers and former US Rangers special forces.

Harry took part in several battles and 2 large operations. Inter alia the liberation of strategic important Mount Abdulaziz in May 2015, which was one of ISIS key strongholds. Back in the UK, he wants to continue to help the Kurds & YPG by telling the people about them and what they’re fighting for.

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