Monday, June 29, 2015

YPG Kobanê Command: We will make ISIS gangs pay for the massacre

YPG Kobanê Command stated that all but 7 of the 80-100 ISIS gangs that had attacked Kobanê were killed, and promised to revenge the martyrs of the massacre. YPG made a written statement on its cleaning operation against the gangs that had attacked civilians in Kobanê. In its statement, YPG promised to make ISIS gangs that killed 233 civilians pay for the massacre they carried out.
YPG Kobanê Command stated that 23 YPG/YPJ fell martyr during the cleaning operation that began on June 25 when ISIS gangs infiltrated into Kobanê. YPG stated that 80-100 gangs wearing FSA uniforms and carrying FSA flags arrived at southern Kobanê from Sirrîn region through secret roads in individual cars. From here, gangs infiltrated into Kobanê city center and joined another gang group that had crossed the Turkish border from the north. YPG stated that local sources provide eyewitness accounts of ISIS gangs entering Kobanê from Turkey. Upon their arrival at the city center, gangs killed tens of women, children and elderly and took hostage many people in order to use as human shields.

YPG/YPJ and Asayiş forces launched an extensive operation as soon as gangs infiltrated into the town, and killed most of the gangs and captured one alive by the third day of the operation. Among the gangs that escaped from the cleaning operation, 7 went back to Turkey and 8 escaped through southern Kobanê. YPG/YPJ forces pursued these escaping ISIS gangs in southern Kobanê, killed 2 of them in Termik region and another 6 in Korpîngar area.

YPG stated that only 7 ISIS gangs managed to escape to Turkey and large amounts of guns and ammunition were seized during the cleaning operation. YPG said that the cleaning operation took 3 days because YPG/YPJ forces showed extreme caution in order to not harm any civilian hostages. No hostage was harmed during the cleaning operation.

7 YPG/YPJ fighters fell martyr in Kobanê city center, 2 died in Berxbotan village, and 11 lost their lives in clashes around the city center. ISIS gangs massacred 23 civilians in Berxbotan village and 210 civilians in Kobanê canton center, and 273 civilians were injured during the massacre. 14 Asayiş forces, one TEV DEM member and one Yekîtiya Ciwanên Rojava (Rojava Youth Union) member fell martyr during the ISIS attack.

YPG Kobanê Command stated that Rıfat Horoz (Karker Kobanê), a YPG fighter of Albanian origin who had actively participated in reconstruction efforts after the liberation of Kobanê in 2014, became a symbol of Kurdish, Turkish and Albanian peoples as he fell martyr during the massacre. YPG/YPJ forces announced that they would revenge the maryrdom of their comrades and make the gangs pay heavily for Kobanê massacre.

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