Monday, July 11, 2016

Smart Bill says: To the people of China... :-) .

To the people of China, please mind your manners:

1. Do not open your mouth when you are eating. It is just disgusting. 

2. Stop claiming your rights when you do not acknowledge other's. 

3. China is not the center of the universe nor the most important. 

4. Your so-called protesting is nothing more than violent havoc. 

5. Educate yourselves more. 

6. Make no mistake that the economy growth that China has seen is not due to its people, but it is because of the cheap labor. 

7. Please learn the meaning of human rights. 

8. Do not claim other people's lands as yours just because you want it. That is the logic of an infant. Grow up. 

9. Your people nor the government do not seem to understand copy rights, intellectual properties, and other global standards. 

10. Considering all that has been stated above, don't you dare act as though you or your country is sophisticated. In fact, in most people's eyes you and your country is looked upon as cockroaches on the earth.

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