Friday, December 23, 2016

Kenneth Humphreys: Jesus Christ is FAKE and Bad

Ken Humphreys proves that Jesus Christ is a semi mythical character that has been used to deceive billions of people by the fundamentalist church that created the myth.

The literal interpretations of the story of Jesus Christ can result in dangerous mind control.

The exaggerated claims of the fundamentalist Christians are the biggest lies in the world.
The claim that a white man called Jesus Christ existed and died then rose from the dead to save the welfare of humanity is the most-cruel hoax that has been played upon the minds of current humanity.

The secret that has been hidden from the majority of humanity is that Jesus Christ is a semi-mythical composite character that has been plagiarized from older myths and is also symbolic of our SUN in the sky.

The character called Jesus Christ is a symbolic representation of our SUN in the sky, that's why Jesus Christ is depicted, has having 12 disciples just like how our SUN has 12
constellations to travel through the Zodiac. Christianity is ASTRO-THEOLOGY.

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