Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The United States Of America do NOT welcome Vietcong sympathizer like this dog. Go back to your North VN, Dog ! :-(

As required by the US constitution, all US citizens have the duty to protect the nation from ill-willed individuals, groups, or foreign states.

This individual (in the picture above) asserts that the United States of America was an invader of South Vietnam, yet he and his family have sought all kinds of means to move to America.

During WW II, millions of American soldiers were sent to Europe to save Europe or to invade Europe?

Who help rebuild Japan after WW 2?

Who save South Korea from Chinese red army?

What did America take from South Vietnam after sacrificing over 58,000 soldiers to help defend it from communist north Vietnam?

That's why, as a US citizen of many years, I feel it is my duty to condemn this crook. This is a low life individual need be deported back to north Vietnam.

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