Sunday, March 6, 2016

Smart American offers GREAT 8 point plan to deal with communist China :-)

When the Communist Party (PRC)feels threatened, look out - they shoot to kill. Or they threaten, or kidnap, or just make you disappear. They have aggressed and annexed Tibet, several small provinces to the west and south, they continue to threaten Taiwan, and Hong Kong. They now are well along in their drive to own the South China Sea. Yet, they are only the illegitimate rulers of China. They have never stood in a national election and in fact their latest Mao wannabe, Xi Jinping tells us they never will. It is an authoritarian state which grants few meaningful civil liberties - none that can't be overruled by any party official with the stroke of a pen.

This is a state that needs to be shown that laws matter. In that the 1.3 billion Chinese don't seem to care what the PRC does and seem only to care about buying stuff, here are several things we can do to start making their complicity hurt:

1. Shut down Chinese immigration and all investment in this country - in fact, confiscate any PRC-related investment.

2. Immediately deport all Chinese college students and declare them persona non grata.

3. Stop all future investment in China and gradually pull out what we have there. 

4. Seek to have the PRC kicked off the Security Council and seek to have the PRC bound over to the world court to stand charges for crimes against humanity for it's actions in Tienanmen, the Ughers, Tibet, and Hong Kong. 

5. Confiscate the assets of every former PRC official that has retired to the West. 

6. Give the PRC 30 days to remove their installations from the garbage piles they've made in the SCS, then bomb each back under water. 

7. Announce a policy of shunning the PRC until it stands in a free and fair election in China which would include arresting any party official caught in any democratic country especially the US. 

8. Undertake a series of discussions as to what China really is and the existential threat they hold for the US and any freedom loving people in the world.


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