Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cheap & easy to make: Paddy thresher pedal operated :-)

Following are the Main Features of Paddy Thresher Pedal Operated :-)

1) To start the machine, first turn the wheel around the direction of the arrow, step down the foot pedal while it raise up to the highest position, the wheel start running.

2) Put the rice, bean etc plants into the wheel for threshing.

3) Fix the machine in a flat site while threshing, avoid its turnover.

4) Lubricate the front chain and the axis of foot pedal before running the machine.

5) Caution: DO NOT put your hand into the wheel while the machine running

6) Dry crop can give an easier threshing

Working efficiency (kg/h) 1000-1100kg per hour
Net weight 40kg
Gross weight 41kg


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